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Level Control Systems
Individual Production
Valve Systems
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Level Control Systems    
Possible uses

•  filling or emtying containers
•  overflow protection
•  leak control and observation in plants/factories
•  building and cooling system controls
•  emptiness controll / refill warning systems
•  pipe and container breakage security
•  groundwater flood warning systems for basements and tunnels
•  volume-controls in mixing systems
•  automated refilling of heating systems and tankage facilities /
   rainwater usage systems and swimming pools
•  low-fluid-level alarms for protection of pumps, heater tanks, etc.

Possible uses


Air-conditioning, Autoclaves, Bottled-drink machinery and dispensers, Breweries, Butcheries, Coffee-makers, Construction machinery, Coolers, Dairy-processing, Dishwaters, Drainage, Film- and Photo-processing technology, Fire-fighting, Food-processing, Irrigation or spray facilities, Livestock watering, Medical technology, Preservative processing, Rinse machinery, Slaughterhouses, Swimming pools, Textile-refineries. Waste water, X-ray machinery, Technologies for environmental protection / ecological oversight, Water-treatment plants ...

Suggested for
Alcoholic spirits, bases, beer, blood, boring-fluids, brines, causic solutions, chlorine bath fluids, cocoa, coffee, condensate, cottage cheese (and other diary products), drain water, fruit juices and syrups, galvanic baths, jellies, ketchup, liquid fertilisers, marmelades, mustard, pickling fluids, salt-bathes, sauces, sea-water, spice-baths, sugar solutions and syrups, vinegar, water, wine, yogurt, water-based colours and paints ...

The products pf the NR-System are practically suitable for almost any application by reason of the galvanic separation of the power supply. The level controls are operated in floating mode - this means that the measurement current is not connected with any other potential current. The measurement process takes place exclusively in the substrate (liquid) and is therefore directly depended only on the physical properties of the substrate and the distance between the electrodes.

Sensitivity setting

The potentiometer is delivered in a centred setting as default. For most applications no "tune-in" is necessary.

Cable capacitance / length

The maximum cable capacitance and the resultant cable length are in direct relation to the required sensibility setting. Upon use of low capacitance cables for the measurement wiring (NR-device to probe) longer cable lengths are possible.

Level controllers

•  The electrodes are feed from alternate current supply
•  Wide range of the trigger level for functional reliability enven in the case
   of varying media conductivity. Sensitivity calibration is rarely required
•  Power supply and measuring voltage are isolated from each other
•  Security cirquit: The ongoing process of filling and / or draining is stopped in
   the case of supply voltage loss.

Level Controllers

Level probes

•  Individual assemblies available to meet Your preferences
•  Electrode lengths are made to Your needs
•  Electrode material in use as the standard product is V4A / 1.4571
•  Up to 7 electrodes in one probe = 6 switching points

Level Probes
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