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Level Control Systems
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Valve Systems
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Safety Barriers     

Safety barriers are used as separator cirquits without galvanic separation between intrinsically safe and not intrinsically safe electric circuits. Through the integration of a safety barrier, it is possible to install level probes inside hazadrous areas. The safety barrier as well as the level controller must be mounted outside the hazadrous areas.


The safety barriers provide 2 channels.
Each probe will require its own channel.

Probe with 2 electrodes -> 1 x Type 9002/77-280-094-00
Probe with 3 electrodes -> 2 x Type 9002/22-240-024-00

Safety Barriers Model 9002
Explosion protection
Safety Barriers 9002

Basic Functions sb9002

• Exchangeable back-up fuse
  for all safety barriers
• Snap-on mounting on rails: simultanous
  connection to potential equalisation / ground
• Short-cirquit-proof
• ATEX 2053 / 2054 and certifications of all
  important environments are available
• EMV tested, CE marking


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